Tree of Life Cremation Jewelry Fill Kit

Care instructions for Remains With Me® Urn Pendant:

Your Heirloom Tree of Life Cremation Jewelry Urn Pendant is cast in .925 Silver and has a stunning, highly polished finish. We recommend that you do not shower, bathe nor swim while wearing your cremation urn pendant. Avoid spraying lotion and cologne directly onto your pendant to help maintain the beautiful shine of your pendant. Never try to clean your pendant with a dip or chemical mixture of any kind as it very well may ruin the beautiful shine. Only use a quality silver jewelry cloth to buff off any tarnish from the pendant. It is also recommended that you not wear other charms with your pendant as that will constantly rub on it and potentially scratch the finish of your pendant. 

Fill Instructions:

To carry your loved one's ashes in your  Cremation Urn Pendant, first, lay out a piece of wax paper. Hold your pendant upside down with the hole facing up. Use the provided plastic spatula to carefully obtain a small amount of your loved ones ashes on just the tip of the spatula and place them in the opening provided on the bottom of the pendant. You can repeat the process 2-3 times if you choose. (If you have chosen a traditional burial, you can place a small lock of hair or dried flowers from their service in the opening). The screw provided has a special coating to help hold the screw securely.  Carefully turn the screw into the hole with the allen wrench provided. **Be very careful to only turn the screw until it is flush with the outer edge of the Urn Pendant.**  Gently lift and fold the wax paper to collect the fallen ashes from your pendant. Gently pour the ashes back into its original urn. Wear your Remains With Me® Cremation Urn Jewelry with comfort and let the hope of seeing your loved one again settle into your heart.